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We're Supporting Our Neighbors in Need with Food, Resources, and Hope

Orangevale-Fair Oaks Food Bank

As an organization, we make a positive impact in the communities of Orangevale and Fair Oaks by providing food, resources, and hope to families in need. We also strive to facilitate participation from people within our community to help improve the lives of families in need through community outreach events, volunteering, food drives, and connecting people through a common purpose.

The Orangevale-Fair Oaks Food Bank was formed by several members of the community who worked diligently to lay the groundwork for a local food bank and family resource center. In our current economy, several hundred families struggle each month to provide basic food for their families. We rally behind these families to help them through a difficult time. The Orangevale-Fair Oaks Food Bank exists to bridge the gap for those families, and provide assistance temporarily while they work toward meeting these needs on their own.

Our Programs

Our main program as a food bank is to provide groceries and fresh food to our neighbors in need. Recipients from Sacramento County may come two times per month, one time during the 1st through 15th, and one time during the 16th through the end of the month, if needed, to receive groceries.  We are part of the Sacramento Food Bank network, the two times per month is for any food bank visit in the area. In addition to this program, we also offer several other community outreaches throughout the year. 

We also offer CSFP food boxes for seniors 60 and older and we are apart of the National Diaper Bank.  Please ask at our distributions for more information on these programs. 

We rely on a 100% volunteer staff and generous donations from local businesses, churches, and families in our community to make this happen.

Video & Photo Tours

Be sure to read our eligibility page for current guidelines regarding distribution times and frequency.  

September 2020 Operations Video

Flexibility and change are the way of things this past year.  We have worked hard to adapt to the current situation of feeding people safely, thinking constantly about the safety of our volunteers and clients.  Here's a video that shows how we've adapted during this time.

Who We Are

We are working everyday to connect with the community to feed those in need.  It may look a bit different but these are our roots.

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